Welcome to Real Life U!

As a university or college student getting ready to break into the job market, are you:

-Feeling disempowered;
-Resigned to finding any job rather than discovering your true passion;
-Applying for jobs over the  internet and not receiving any reply;
-Feeling anxious about your future?

If you are feeling any of the above, Real Life U™ is a job readiness tool that I created for you. I created the tool because I also felt disillusioned, undervalued and isolated when I graduated. I don’t want you to have the same experience. So, I created an easy five-step job-readiness system to encourage you to take a proactive approach to launching your career and to empower yourself.

For more information check out my  blog for tips and book a job readiness consultation!

The 5 steps to Job Readiness


“Geoff brings the career search to life for students and instills them with the passion and confidence to not only find a job, but to manage their own careers going forward. Geoff is an asset to any university or college department interested in giving their students a leg up in preparing for their careers”

-Professor Jeff Sahadeo, Director and Graduate Studies Supervisor, Institute of European and Russian Studies, Carleton University

“(Geoff) Changed my perspective on looking for work, I would recommend this course to anyone looking for a job”.
“This workshop provided a lot of details on where to look for jobs and how to make yourself recognized by potential employers”.
“I found it very interesting. It was an eye opening experience. Very helpful”.
“This seminar changed my strategy for finding jobs. Thanks!”
-Student evaluations of  Real Life U workshops
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